South Blockade Arrests – Otis State Forest Sandisfield, Ma

Sugar Shack Alliance and the Pink Police – resist any new fossil fuels infrastructure. The Pink Police served an arrest warrant to Mr Kinder and Mr Morgan at the headquarters while southern and northern blockages were set up to halt all traffic. This footage is of the second arrests: Blockage, Southern flank, Otis State Forest Sandisfield, MA

Sugar Shack Week Of Resistence

Standing Rock Is Everywhere!

Water Is Life – Mni Wiconi

Black Snake Killez

This protest was filmed at Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Agawam, Massachusetts facility on 10/25/27 as part of Sugar Shack Alliance – Seven Days of Resistance, The Week of Resistance, Friday.  A nonviolent effort to disrupt the fossil fuel industry everywhere – resist any new fossil fuels infrastructure, renewables are ready.

This video was shot using a Panasonic shoulder mounted AG8C-AP and produced with Final Cut Pro X.  The earth/map is screen capture from Google Earth and the video of Chief Arvol Looking Horse footage from video I produced from Agape Community, Francis Day Celebration, Listening to Native Voices, October 17, 2017.

10,000 Trees For Vietnam: An Environmental Justice Collaboration

10,000 Trees for Vietnam is an environmental justice project created in collaboration with the Vietnamese forester PhungTuu Boi. Its purpose is to restore biodiversity to an area of central Vietnam that was heavily sprayed with herbicides, chief among them Agent Orange, during the American War in Vietnam. This project is a sequel to the Peace Village Projectwhich raised substantial funds for scholarships for third generation Vietnamese child victims of Agent Orange.


  • Final Cut Pro
  • Google Earth Pro
  • Camtasia Screen Capture
  • Audio Recording Lab – U Mass Amherst
  • Graphics



Early on June 17 2017, seven USS Fitzgerald sailors were killed in an accident with a container ship just outside Tokyo Harbor.