Software development using open source hardware platforms such as DD-WRT and Raspberry Pi as well as proprietary platforms such as the VeCaster Pro video encoder, HomeSeer HS3 Home Automation Controler, MiCasaVerde Vera Home Automation Controller as well as Andriod, iPhone and Windows mobile phones.

In 2017 I designed a custom system for a manufacturer of outdoor, family entertainment equipment which allowed multiple mobile device users to connect via WiFi allowing them to see inside a large outdoor maze.  This system was designed and developed using a DD-WRT WiFi router, Raspberry Pi web server and a ProVideo Instruments VeCaster video encoder.

Design and development of Home Automation systems using the Z-wave protocol for energy management, home security and custom systems management.  In 2008, I attended 2 days of training at Sigma Designs in silicon valley.

From 2009 thru 2014 I conceived, designed and developed a product sold under the Zenturion label which was an optimized z-wave solution for indoor, hydroponic grow rooms.  The system had a local MiCasaVerde Vera Z-wave controller which was accessable via a custom Android web app.  That product along with the design rights were bought by another company in order to further develop and then more specifically market that product.   In 2015 I was hired by that company to redesign the controller using the HomeSeer HS3, a Raspberry Pi-3 Controller.

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