Eagles Dining

While 4 local activists visited Little River in Belfast Maine yesterday to claim the space and pray for justice for the trees, the water and the animals they happened upon 2 eagles dining on a deer carcass.

They held a brief ceremony while the eagles enjoyed their dinner, an auspicious event!

#SayHerName Therese Patricia Okoumou

Thank you Therese Patricia Okoumou!  None of us are free, if one of us is chained.

There is so little to be proud of being an American in Portugal on July 4th 2018. I awoke this July 5th to the news of her (s)heroic act, in my mind, Therese Patricia Okoumou stands tall with Bree Newsome and many, many, many others, too numerous to name here.  Numerous, yet a small minority as most Americans were grilling, drinking and setting off fireworks on July 4th; celebrating the allusion of freedom.

Of course, the list of those of privilege who celebrate each Forth Of July without any remorse; seemingly oblivious to the history of colonization, genocide of the American Indian, the enslavement of Africans and how that legacy lives today in the oppression of women, LGBTQAI+, people of color, folks of low to no means, this list goes on and on and is perpetuated in the school to prison pipeline that insures oppression is a profitable business in this so called land of the free and the home of the brave.

You inspire me Therese, and hence this video, which I dedicate to you. As we say in Portuguese; Obrigado!  This Veteran For Peace salutes you Therese Patricia Okoumou, thank you for your service.



Hello world!

Hello World, no kidding!  This website is built with WordPress, an Open Source  Content Management System and the first post, by default is “Hello World”, this post, just personalized.

Hello world was the first C programming language program I wrote in 1979, University of Mass, Boston Campus.  The instructor’s login was “ram”.  Roger A. Morris I think, as we all went by our login, traditionally the first letter of our first, middle and last names.

Me? geo, had to be different.  Go figure.