Political is Personal and Personal is now very Professional

While the earth’s climate heats up beyond past what makes any sense and as we watch the planet’s ice melting and as the ocean’s coral reefs are dying and the large mammals of Africa are going extinct and the people of few means find their jobs or farms failing and then must migrate to places that won’t take them and on and on ad infinitum.

And now, with this political atrocity in Washington moving us backwards, my belief in science, my religion if you will, my Liberation psychology says it’s time to mobilize: converging personal, political, professional.

In the February 2nd article The Political Is Now Personal in the Huffington Post, Ralph Benko notes that what we are observing, politically, is a revolution.  I also agree with Dr. Hunter S. Thompson who once noted: “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”.

This is my personal political revolution; all my personal passions converging with my professional dedication now focused on Liberation Technology.

Liberation Technology

My favorite concise definition of Liberation Technology is probably to quote Larry Diamond

“enables citizens to report news, expose wrongdoing, express opinions, mobile protest, monitor elections, scrutinize governments, deepend participation and expand the horizons of freedom.”

Technologies that support Democracy

  • Software Engineering: Design, Programming, Support
  • Websites
  • Videography and Video production
  • Social Media

New Media

You’ve got something to say and you want it to jump off the page.   Video, music and a message say it loudest.

Video production is something I’ve been having a lot of fun with over the years and now include that in my list of capabilities and passions.  Video is a very powerful way to communicate and is useful from mobile smart phones to HD video, presentations and video production.

Some of my work:


My “day job” if you will; using internet technologies to build community oriented websites is a d.b.a. Civipress.com.