Liberation Technologist

Technology is neither intrinsically good nor bad.

Information technology can enable citizens to report news, expose wrongdoing, express opinions, mobilize protests, monitor elections, scrutinize government, deepen participation, and expand the horizons of freedom, liberty and happiness.

like a tree, standing by the water

As a liberation technologist driven by a progressive ethic; my personal, political and professional focus is digital, electronic and video technologies and how they can be used to improve democratic life.  To a hacker, technology is just a puzzle to be solved and with open-source technologies the internet is a playground.  Layer on social media and video and the these tools for change are just what is needed to help guide us through these turbulent waters…. or at least, I hope so. 🙁

Using computers for the pursuit of social and political change for the benefit of all life on earth, my general focus is information technologies and how they can be used to improve governance,  fight corruption, deter electoral fraud, empower the poor, defend human rights, promote economic development, educate citzens and consumers.

And most specifically, my interests and passions tend to focus on building community web-based software for developing new,  progressive institutions such as replacements for mainstream media, maker incubators,  new forms of local banking especially cryptocurrencies, hybrid forms of community and worker owned coops,  free schools,  and other functions for grassroots organizing.

Web Developer

Long before the internet, there was UUCP over 1200 baud modems, UNIX and the C Programming Language.  Pretty much everything internet is derived from those 3 technologies.  It’s been a treat and a privelidge to be part of building the internet.  Today, the technologies and tools available provide incredible developer and designer productivity.

Everything else being equal, these are the tools I choose from web programming:  HTML 5, CSS 2, Javascript 2105, Bootstrap,  TypeScript, PHP, Angular, Ionic, WordPress and Node.js to build websites and applications for the smallest websites to custom and open source web applications .

Web Applications

Websites, web services and multi platform applications, one code base, run anywhere. Best practice rapid application development (RAD) using and test driven development(TDD) principles.


Democratize publishing and building communities with WordPress, an open source project with a vibrant and supportive community. Projects include Custom Themes and Plugin software development, system design, Maintainence and Cloud based hosting running on the Ubuntu platform.


Software development for Open source and proprietary hardware platforms such as DD-WRT and Raspberry Pi. Design and development of Home Automation systems using the Z-wave protocol for energy management, home security and custom systems management.

Full Stack Software Development

Open source, full stack software developer with over 35 years of professional experience.

New Media

Video is a powerful medium, especially today with devices such as smartphones and tablets that have very high-resolution screens.  Videographers now have powerful tools on their desktop, laptops and even mobile devices.

Some of my recent work:

Video can also be used for journalism, advocacy and to bear witness to unjust change.  As a video journalist and producer, my primary focus is enviromental activism along with racial and social justice issues.

In the fall of 2017 I produced a Moodle based;  open-source, online, collaborative learning space to support a facilitated skill share:  Pioneer Valley Witness: See it / Film It / Change It.

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CiviPress 2017

Own your data on a constellation of secure, green servers providing community building web applications for pro democracy movements.

  • Website – Content Management with WordPress &  Jetpack
  • Collaboration for Online Communities with BuddyPress
  • eCommerce with WooCommerse
  • Constituency Relationship Management with CiviCRM
  • Email & Newsletters
  • Learning Management System with Moodle
  • Security, performance and reliability with CloudFlare
  • Green Cloudhosting with A2Hosting



Over 30 years of software development experience concentrating on working with state-of-the-art technologies to solve interesting problems.  A hacker at heart, I love what I do and do what I love and know that a wonderful life is possible; but not for all.  More than that, it seem fewer and fewer are able to even enjoy their basic human rights.